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 Tantra evolved out of the Yoga path many thousands of years ago. People around the world are beginning to discover and experience the amazing benefits of Tantra yoga for healing sexual issues, tapping into sexual power, deepening intimate relationships and bringing balance to body, mind and spirit. 

Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

Tantra is not just about sex, but when it comes to sex, Tantra is a practice merging spirituality and sexuality. This path teaches everything is sacred and a celebration, including sexuality. Tantra is the potential of experiencing the state of ecstasy through the body. Its also about connecting deeply on all levels with yourself, others, nature and the whole universe. Tantra then becomes a way of being and a way of living 

Why Tantra?


-A way to experience a deeper connection, more love and intimacy 
-Balancing masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and in lovemaking
-Rejuvenation in health and tapping into the fountain of youth
-Expand Orgasmic potential

-Awaken to experience ecstasy through your body
-Learn to last longer
-Elevate sex to a sacred art and a spiritual experience
-Empower women to be treated like goddesses with respect and love
-Empower men to become healers, more confident, open and loving

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